Another Wells Fargo Broker Under Investigation for Overconcentration and Unsuitability Oil and Gas Securities Claims

Our lawyers are investigating oil and gas securities fraud claims against Wells Fargo broker John B. Leonard (CRD# 2113842).

According to Leonard’s Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) BrokerCheck report, his 25 years in the securities industry has been relatively clean.  But in the past three months, two customers have filed FINRA arbitration complaints against him, alleging unsuitable recommendations in the oil and gas industry totaling close to $300,000.  The two complaints are currently pending.

While many brokers and brokerage firms have unsuitably recommended oil and gas securities, Wells Fargo has been accumulating many complaints recently.  Our firms have previously investigated Irvine, California Wells Fargo brokers Charles B. Lynch Jr. (CRD# 3004877) and Charles H. Frieda (CRD# 5502319).  The brokers have a combined 60 misconduct disclosures on their FINRA BrokerCheck reports, all but two coming in the last two years and a significant majority alleging unsuitable recommendations and overconcentration in the oil and gas industry.

Of the 60 misconduct disclosures shared between Lynch and Frieda, 40 have settled.

Though Lynch and Frieda shared a California Wells Fargo branch, Leonard was based out of a Toledo, Ohio Wells Fargo branch.

Many brokers got caught up in the façade that was ever-increasing crude oil, improperly recommending master limited partnerships (“MLPs”), bonds, private placements, stocks, and other oil and gas securities to conservative investors based upon the high yields of these investments rather than the risk to principal.  Seeming like a sure bet and untouchable, these brokers neglected to conduct due diligence and investigate these investments and negligently recommended them to customers.

Despite market trends, there is no excuse to depart from time-tested principals brokers are required to employ with their customers, such as recommending suitable investments for each customer and diversifying their portfolios.

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